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Revamp your space with Dani Klaric

Leola-Christine Titus-Morris

Jun 3, 2022

What are ways you can make an area pop?

  • Use color in subtle ways!

  • Incorporate color into your decor. Such as paintings, throw pillows, or knick-knacks are easy updates that can change the feeling of a room.

  • Add a mirror- It makes the room feel light and it will help open up the space. It also just makes the lighting better!

  • Paint a door- It’ll add color and your space will have a statement piece without having to add any items.

  • Add patterns or mix colors- Patterns are a fun way to add character to a space. And color always makes the pattern look better!

2: Do you prefer natural or artificial lighting?

Both! Natural lighting is always needed for a space to look nice during the day. Ambient lighting sets the mood once it’s the evening. I’m a person whose mood changes with the weather- I love natural lighting and the sun makes me happy. Any space will look better with natural lighting during the day. But a space always needs ambient lighting to set the mood in the evening. Ambient lighting is also just an easy way to add more personality to your home. 3: If you had 100% creative freedom to design a space, what would you envision?

A Postmodern eclectic french country house. I love mixing styles and eras into my designs so it would be s dream come true to decorate a space with an open floor plan and add all of my favorite styles. If I had to choose two, it would be french country and post-modern. The walls and ceilings would have all the panel molding I could imagine, with beautiful details snd cutouts. The art would be in vintage frames. The furniture would be a mix of modern and vintage. And I would add all the patterns in the world with the decor like rugs and throws! And don’t forget, all of the walls would be painted… What a dream! 4: Where have you found the best accent pieces?

Local vintage markets!

You can find the rest of the article in our Issue No. 12 | June 2022


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